Core Values

Delta Financial Cultural Foundations are comprised of tenets that define how members interact with each other (agents, up-line/down-line, admin, management, carriers, and clients) to become the best producers—managers—leaders—people.



Lead by example. Never request something from an agent you are not willing to do yourself or you don’t currently do. Attend training meetings. Watch and share Delta Financial content (e.g. podcasts, social media posts, etc.). Stay connected in our communications platforms. Be The Difference in all things.



Always give 110% effort in everything you do. Do more than is asked of you, and more than anyone would ever expect of you. Hold yourself to a standard that is so impossibly high, that it surpasses everyone’s expectations. Show the world what it means to Be The Difference.



Discipline is quite simply keeping the promises you make to yourself. When you say you’re going to do something, you do it…EVERY TIME. Discipline in your life creates confidence to succeed, trust and love for oneself, because you know deep down that anything you set your sights on will be accomplished. Discipline starts with the smallest of building blocks, and it applies to every aspect of your life; i.e. personal, physical, mental, professional, etc.



Humility equates to teachability - Be receptive to all the lessons you can learn in your everyday interactions with people. Try to learn something new every day—more importantly, try to recognize when you do. Treat every moment with people as a teaching moment.



Accept the responsibility for your circumstances and blame no one for your performance, or lack thereof. You are the author of your life story. Have accountability for yourself, and do your best to identify mistakes in your life to move past them effectively.



Show excitement for what we do at every level. Enthusiasm creates belief in your clients and agents and allows them to be enthusiastic as well. This fosters long lasting relationships.



Every action you take should be to create a long-lasting relationship with your clients and agents. A client that stays for a lifetime has more value than ten short term clients. This same concept applies to agency building. At its core, this is simply putting people first and providing undeniably great service.



Taking the initiative is about having courageous actions combined with never waiting for permission to act. Ensure your actions are aligned with the core values, as well as legally, morally and ethically sound, then take risks and be BOLD. Selfemployment success hinges on the ability to thrive in difficult and sometimes unknown situations.



Improve the lives of others with no expectation of reciprocation - When you forget about yourself, you find yourself. Strive to improve the lives of everyone you meet without expectations of receiving anything in return.



Self-improvement focused daily. Read daily. Train to become the Subject Matter Expert #SME in your field. Attend trainings consistently. Reach out for help when you need it. Be a perpetual student.



Belief is all about faith in all things. Belief in your leadership to provide the support you need. Belief in the organization’s systems and strategies to work when you apply them. Belief in yourself that you can accomplish great feats. Belief is a critical component and the final core value because it applies to ALL the core values. You can Be The Difference, if you simply believe you can.

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