The Delta Team

Greg Birch - President

Greg is a Tennessee native, raised by military parents that had an early desire to serve others. After college Greg commissioned into the US Army as an Armor officer and spent 11 years serving his country. He deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq, led Soldiers in combat and was twice awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his actions overseas.

Greg’s time, experience and training in the military gave him the foundation that Delta Financial is built upon. He believes that leadership and building a winning culture of discipline and selfless service is the crux of any great organization. For over 4 years, Greg learned the insurance industry, gained the skills to become a record-breaking producer, and infused his leadership style into the teams and agents that have come to follow him. Greg's determination to become the best and serve others to reach those same top levels are what set Delta Financial apart from other organizations in the insurance industry.

“Everything in this business comes down to discipline, hard work and service to others. If you can maintain those three with a positive attitude you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams, and help others do the same along your journey.

Be The Difference, Redefine Excellence!”

Kevin Vega - VP of Operations

Kevin comes to Delta Financial from a 14-year career as an Army Officer and leverages his expertise towards building an adaptive IMO staff that effectively manages our daily operations. An expert in his craft, he also oversees the transformation of Delta Financial’s vision into achievable strategic objectives that accommodate both internal and external stakeholders. He has been building positive business relationships since his start in the insurance industry in 2021 and will continue to do great things within Delta Financial and across Quility entities. He consistently strives to lead at the highest levels.

Kevin has led Soldiers in combat across two theaters of operation and brings that vigor every day in this industry.

“I always strive to lead people into a better position than they were before we met. If you can’t lead from a position of selfless service, then you’re not worthy of the trust those people place in you."

Be The Difference, Redefine Excellence!”

Amber Sowell - Director, Executive Administration

Amber brings over 20 years of professional experience to Delta Financial as our Director of Administration. With an extensive background in project management and IT training and networking, she possesses vital skills in strategic planning, building strong team partnerships, and multi-database coordination and management.

Amber utilizes her professional knowledge to support the management team with the streamlining of information through multiple software applications, leading the social media platforms, graphic design creations, and evaluating reports for effectiveness and accuracy. She also assists agents in contracting and technical assistance. She is passionate about music, literature, and sports. Amber obtained her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder and currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

Zach Allen - Director, Leads

Zach is a hardworking and devoted family man who understands the importance of hard work and determination. He started his first career at the age of 16 in the automotive collision industry. When he began, he was the body shop apprentice and worked his way up to being the head painter in the shop and being known as one of the best painters in the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area. He believes that it is pertinent to not only know your job, but to become an absolute master at it.

Even though he had great success in the automotive collision field, Zach knew that this was not his calling. In 2020, Zach had the opportunity to start a path in the insurance world. As with his previous career, he was determined to become a master in this career as well. He studied relentlessly and through his determined hard work started to see success quickly. He continues to study and learn everything he can about the insurance field so that he can always bring value to his team and lead them to the top of Delta Financial.

Zach is determined to help others see success in all aspects of life and loves to help agents learn and grow through proper leadership and mentorship.

Joey Watkins - Director, Agency Development

Joey has been in the medical field and fitness industry for over fifteen years. He has ran multiple locations for a personal training company and managed relationships between gym owners within them all. He has been part owner of a couple health clubs previously as well. That is what encouraged him to branch out on his own and has since started and runs a very successful personal training and fitness consulting business.

Joey has had massive success in the health and fitness industry, but now having a small child, he made the move into the life insurance industry to be able to spend more time with his family and not have to travel so frequently for work. In the short timeframe he has worked in the insurance industry, he has been given promotions and electives to help drive him further to the top with his new endeavor. Joey is able to offer exclusive products to clients through his brokerage that give clients peace of mind, but also can prepare them for retirement, as well as achieving a life that is debt free in 1/3 of the time or less than was initially projected by simply helping them utilize the different avenues he has to offer requiring no extra funding other than what the client is already spending on their monthly bills.

The ability to help others and be able to protect clients has driven Joey to become an agency owner with Delta Financial Life where he will continue to strive to "be the difference and redefine excellence!" The culture and leadership of Delta Financial paired with the morals and ethics of himself will continue to assist clients and agents to grow his agency to help as many families as possible.

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