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Be The Difference Podcast

Be The Difference Podcast is all about helping sales, leadership and self employed entrepreneurs be the best versions of themselves. The host, Greg Birch, is an 11 year combat vet, that has been in the insurance sales space for five years. In his time in sales he has broken records with his unique approach to sales and influencing strategies. Greg discovered his purpose was to help entrepreneurs overcome mediocrity in their minds and their lives, through mindset and discipline techniques to increase their potential. This show is for anyone wanting to make or BE the Difference in their lives, and to inspire others to follow.

Delta Team Chat

This is a daily podcast that Greg gets on and rants about a few topics each episode, early morning, usually at the ass-crack of dawn, while he does an outdoors workout in his 45 lb weighted vest. He talks about the industry, leadership, sales, personal excellence, life experiences and more. Tune in daily to hear a new episode of the Delta Team Chat!

Weekly Sales Tactics Training

This is Delta Financial's weekly Mortgage Protection and Sales Tactics training with your president, Greg Birch. Each week he teaches Delta agents how to sell at the highest levels and serve more families to grow their business. Tune in to learn from a record breaking producer, each and every Monday!

Weekly Leadership Training

Leadership is not a rank or position to be attained. Leadership is a service to be given. Here at Delta we focus on every level, from Agency Owner to a New Agent. We believe that teaching leadership skills from day one is important towards individual and agency growth. Learn from veterans with actual real world experience leading Soldiers in Combat.

Weekly Advanced Markets Training

This is Delta Financial's weekly Advanced Market Sales training with Advanced Markets Director, David Doehring. Each week he teaches Delta agents how to structure, pitch and sell IUL's, Annuities, and premium financing cases. His training is bar none the best in the business to breakdown these concepts to the simplest level to teach anyone to start producing at a high level. Tune in to learn from a record breaking producer, each and every Wednesday!

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